GCcollab allows you to choose how you would like to see activity with several options to find what matches your interest.

Filtering activity by community

The Communities tab in the main navigation bar is a way to find thematically identified content based on the tags provided by the author. From there users are encouraged to find colleagues and groups with similar interests.

Filtering activity by its author

  1. Select Activity in GCcollab’s main navigation bar.

  2. Choose between three tabs:

    • All: This is selected by default. It shows all activity on GCcollab.
    • Mine: This shows all of your activity on GCcollab.
    • My Colleagues: This will show you activity of your colleagues..the five tabs: all, mine, colleagues, my department, other departments

Filtering activity by its type

GCcollab allows you to choose the type of activity you would like to see.

  1. Select Activity  located in GCcollab's main navigation bar.
  2. Use the drop-down menu under Filter Activity to select the type of content you would like to view, i.e. Show Wire posts.

 drop down menu showing activity filters