How to create Colleague Circles

  1. In the top-right corner, select Colleagues.
    1. where to find the colleagues button
  2.  Select the Colleague circles tab.
    1. the colleagues circles tab
  3.  Select New colleagues circle.

    the new colleagues circle button

  4.  Under Collection name type in a name for your colleague circle. 

    the new colleagues circle form

  5.  Under Colleagues check the boxes beside the individuals you want to include in the circle you are creating.

    Modify Circle.JPG

  6.  Hit Save. Your Colleague Circle is now successfully created. 

How to add or remove colleagues in the Colleague Circles

  1. Click on the Edit button of the desired Colleague Circle. 
  2.  By unchecking or checking the boxes, make modifications to the Circle.
  3.  Click Save to finish. Your Colleague Circle now has been modified.

                 the edit button for colleague circles

                Note: If you have multiple pages of colleagues, you will have to click Save for each page

How to send a group message to a Colleague Circle

  1. Click on the Send message button of the desired Colleague Circle 

    the compose message button for colleague circles

  2. This will lead you to the Compose a message page. Ensure that the checkmark is there. 

    Check Mark.JPG

  3. (Optional) If you would like to switch to another Colleague Circle, open the drop down list and select the desired Circle. 

  4. Compose your message and click on Send

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